Deportation & Removal

The process of deportation (also known as removal) can be very frightening. Everything you have worked so hard to achieve is torn away from you, abruptly and unexpectedly. Not even having family in the U.S. will eliminate the risk of being removed from the country and them. Fortunately, there is a very exact procedure for removal which allows you the opportunity to be represented by an immigration lawyer from Kublan Khan PLC.

Deportation and exclusion are now called “removal proceedings”. Unless you are a United States citizen, ICE has the authority to deport (remove) you. Often such a risk occurs after a non-citizen is charged with committing a crime. Few people realize that when a foreign visitor or alien residing in the U.S. is charged with an offense and either pleads guilty or is found guilty, this can eventually result in him or her being placed in removal proceedings. If you have been served with a Notice to Appear, don’t panic. This does not mean that you will automatically be deported; it means that the process has started, but you still have options available to you.

Our lawyers have experience in representing clients during removal proceedings, including any resulting appeals. Our track record shows that we have the skill and ability to handle difficult cases with regular success. We make every possible effort to obtain the most favorable decision in your situation.

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