Modification & Enforcement

After your divorce has been finalized, you may still require the services of an experienced family law attorney. Perhaps there has been a major change in your physical or financial abilities and you would like to petition the court to modify the support, custody, or visitation orders of your divorce, or perhaps you need assistance enforcing the provisions of the divorce decree. Whatever your concern might be, our firm is here to assist you.

At times it is necessary after a divorce to seek modifications in the terms of the divorce awards. Modifications can be made to child custody and visitation arrangements; child support agreements due to a spouse’s increased or decreased income; and payment of alimony. To make a modification after a divorce has been ordered usually requires evidence that the circumstances of one spouse or the other are significantly different. For example, if you have a significant financial improvement or an unexpected reduction in income, you could seek a post-divorce modification. We can help you to demonstrate this change so that a court will revise the support order. Our firm can also present your requests for custody and visitation modifications if there is a major change that affects the child or one party’s ability to care for the child. The court’s decision, as in initial determination, is based on the best interests of the child.

At Kublan Khan PLC, we can guide you through the enforcement proceedings to claim unpaid child support. Multiple avenues exist to compel unpaid support, including wage garnishment and contempt of court proceedings with penalties up to and including jail time. Interference with court-ordered visitation is taken seriously by the court. In this regard, we will fight to ensure that the court order for custody and visitation is strictly enforced, thereby protecting your rights from abuse.

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