Premarital Agreements

Signing a premarital, or prenuptial, agreement might not sound like the most romantic activity for couples looking forward to their marriage, but it can be one the most crucial to your future. The premarital agreement will help to resolve any financial or property issues that might arise in the event one spouse dies or the couple divorces.

The rules governing premarital agreements in Virginia are fairly simple and straightforward. They can address a wide variety of marital issues but are enforceable only if they are contracted voluntarily, in writing, with the signatures of both spouses. Premarital agreements are often used by couples who have been married before, or when one of the spouses has significantly more assets or debts than the other.

Regardless of whether you are starting your first or your fourth marriage, having a premarital agreement is a good tool to alleviate any stresses that might come with the end of a marriage. Divorces and deaths take a severe emotional toll on the other spouse, but if a premarital agreement is already in place, it can ease some of the burden of distributing assets and determining responsibilities. Creating a premarital agreement does not mean you are planning for a divorce; it does mean you are prepared for the future.

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