Spousal Support

At Kublan Khan PLC, we understand that divorce can affect your ability to support yourself, as well as your children. Even if you do not have children, we can help you arrange for alimony payments. Alimony is providing a portion of financial income from one spouse to another after they are divorced. Alimony, also known as spousal support, is more variable than child support and the state does not set required amounts of alimony to be paid. The judge ruling in your case has full discretion when ordering how much spousal support you will receive from or pay to your spouse.

Spousal support can come in many different forms. Since the time requirements for a Virginia divorce prevent a couple from divorcing immediately after they separate, one spouse can request temporary (pendente lite) support until the time the divorce is finalized. Spousal support can also come as a one-time, lump sum payment or in regular monthly payments. The length of time support is ordered to be paid differs with each divorce, depending on the children of the marriage, the length of the marriage, each spouse’s contributions to the marriage and their ability to support themselves, and the judge’s perception of what is fair and equitable.

You can also decide on the amount of child support and its duration through a Separation Agreement contracted between yourself and your spouse. This enables you and your spouse to more easily set time frames and payment amounts that reflect your needs and abilities while avoiding the uncertainties of having a judge determine the amount of spousal support. Sometimes unfortunately it is impossible to reach an agreement without a judicial intervention. In this case, before you go to court, talk with a lawyer at Kublan Khan PLC about requesting alimony; if you do not get spousal support at the time of the divorce, you cannot request it later

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